Brand Spotlight... Filemon Kid...

Now Autumn is approaching we have some awesome new brands and collections over at Skellywear.com

One of our amazing new brands is Filemon Kid...
Filemon Kid is cool clothes for cool kids!

Our motto is impulsivity, joy, playfulness and simple design with unexpected touches.The idea is that the playful and colourful design will match the play-friendly garments.
We believe in accountability and a broader perspective. 
Organic and natural materials and water-soluble ink based printing is essential for us.
We do our utmost to tiptoe with as small eco footprints as possible.
We care for the children, we care about our planet and we care about originality and expression desire.

Life's meant to be lively!...

This season features awesome leggings, wickedly rad beanie hats and a gorgeous dress...

Filemon Kid is definately as fab as it looks and unisex to boot!!!...

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Brand spotlight Zezuzulla

"Fair work, fair play, fair trade, fair play"

A great motto from one of our Favourite Brands originating from Poland...
We asked Krystian from Zezuzulla a few questions about their amazing brand....

Why did you start the company?

We started a company soon after the Julo, our beloved son, was born. We were looking for ideal clothes for him and didn't find any, so we've had to make them ourselves :). Emilia was a pretty popular blogging-mum in that time and when she showed her work to the people, she received so strong, positive feedback, that she decided to start Zezuzulla. And then, on 12.12.12. it all began...

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nature, childhood and freedom are the greatest inspirations for us. We don't look on what other's do, just focus on ourselves. We value the practical side of the clothes - we don't want our stuff just to look cool, but we want the little people inside the clothes to feel comfortable (AND cool) in it. Our lives are focused pretty much on Julo, so he always tests all items and is our toughest critic. And I guess, it makes Julo our main inspiration... :)

What's your favourite print?

Working on each and every print is a great fun! Sometimes we like to wear it corresponding to the certain humour the Julo seems to have that day. We love when Julo choses which one he likes to wear today. He sometimes mix it quite spectacularly! :)

What are your plans for the brand for the future?

We love the business model we have for now. We fit Zezuzulla to work well with our family and not get over it. Keeping things much under our control. We don't aim to have business representatives everywhere, we want to prosper slowly, not rush anything. Let people see and feel that our things are truly made out of love. Of course, we want to rule the world someday ;), but don't want Zezuzulla to be just a money-maker. It's a part of our family, and we want to keep it that way.

What's your favourite activity with your son?

We love to enter Julo's world, let him in charge of things. And, yeah, the little guy likes it too ;). He makes awesome stories out of nothing. He loves to draw - we often play a double-draw game - he draws something, then the adult draws another thing, everything pretty random. After the doing is ready, we together make up a story for it. It becomes not only a piece of art ;), but an unique, and often pretty funny, tale that we actually created together.

If you haven't seen Zezuzulla's new S/S collection then check it out here 

We really do love Zezuzulla over at Skellywear.com (hope you do too?) the quality really is outstanding and the prints are just gorgeous and quite unique and unisex too...

Looking forward to the next collection...

Leonie x

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Zezuzulla S/S ...

Have you seen the latest collection from the amazing Zezuzulla?

No, well here it is...

Zezuzulla are one of our favourite brands here at Skellywear.com 

...gorgeous prints, unisex designs (dresses aside) and amazing quality...

Sleepy foxes, Apple balancing hedgehogs what more could anyone want?...

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Christmas in Poland

Following on from yesterday post about traditions in Iceland...

Heres a piece from Krystian from Zezuzulla (Great Brand we're stocking) about their traditions...

Christmas is something that changed a lot in Poland in the last three decades.

30 years ago it was all about tradition, family, religion, food and gifts.For kids - of course in the opposite manner: gifts, food, family and tradition plus religion, eventually.

Yeah, that didn't change much, actually.

There was 12 main meals - and plenty of everything.
Dumplings with sour cabbage and mushrooms, carp, bread, buckwheat with fruit stew, herrings, boiled potatoes, vegetable salad with mayonnaise, beetroot soup with ravioli (called small-ears in Poland actually), beaten sour cabbage with peas, poppy-seed cake, cheesecake and drop scones.Of course, these list might vary, depends on the region and home-dwellers tastes.Everything was self-made from backstreet goods that all the neighbours shared.
There was snow almost every year and everyone had the same Christmas tree decorations.
Preparations took forever - there was no time to do this, but everybody was cleaning windows in the middle of the winter, just to show that they care.The homes were full of people, feasting together, at least this one time a year, for good.
Nobody sits at the table before the first star has been shown.After that, the eldest host read a passage from the Bible and give permission to start the dinner.When it was finished, everyone shared communion wafer and give regards to each other individually.
There were also some another interesting properties of communion wafer - it was only time when animals could eat it and after that, it was believed that they'll be able to speak human language just that one night.
Then, at last, there was the opening of the gifts and a bit later - for those that were interested - midnight Mass in a church.

Now Christmas is not very alike.
There is little (if there is at all) religion in it and less food and tradition.People treat it rather as a possibility for taking a break from their fast-paced lives and want to slow down and relax.Some of them go on vacations, some of them visit families, but there are also many that just want to have a few slow days with their closest loved ones.
It's more intimate and less spectacular than 30 years ago.
Nobody wants to throw out good food, so 12 meal-dinners are not so very often in this case either.But there must be at least: beetroot soup with ravioli, herrings, vegetable salad with mayonnaise and poppy-seed cake.
People are waiting for the first star to sit to table, but religious implications are much more scarce than some time ago.
The overall atmosphere is also much more loose, and, because of that, gifts are unwrapped much faster.After Christmas Eve people are visiting their friends and family with a quiet few-people meetings.

In short - the Christmases are easier nowadays.

In modern Polish Christmas, family is still in the centre of the event, but oriented more on children and according to their needs.

That's very cool about it, because those little fellows are what the humanity will become soon.
And that's why making it all for them really matters.


Christmas With Imaginary Friends

As Christmas Eve approaches at a terrifying speed... 
I asked my lovely friend Mia to share her slightly terrifying Christmas traditions all the way from Iceland... 
Mia Olsen currently lives in Denmark, shares my passion for fabulous Scandi clobber... Vegetarian food and is amazeballs X 

Christmas with Imaginary Friends

I come from a country that hardly anyone lives in, everyone in Iceland could move to Bristol and we’d still have room for guests! We got so lonely over there, we made up imaginary friends! Tales about elves and fairies called Huldufólk are still very popular and one Santa wasn’t enough so we had to have 13. Just so we can talk about something besides the weather!

My customs are often thought of as a novelty and some find them quirky. I find them normal and just a tad tedious. Who has to find those 13 gifts the Yule Lads bring? It sure isn’t their mother Grýla. 

Grýla and her third husband Leppalúði, are the Yule Lads parents — the scariest ogres ever known. They aren’t really into the whole attachment parenting thing but she’s got the ability to find kids that have misbehaved during the year and then EATS them! Yeah, her favourite snack is a stew of naughty kids — legend has it she has an insatiable appetite! Charming and Christmassy right?

So it’s not surprising the Yule Lads turned out the way they did. The original stories will have you believe that they were a mischievous bunch that caused havoc when they came over, stealing food and spying on the kids so they could report back to dear mummy. So much so that there was a public decree in 1746 that banned parents from frightening their children with monsters and fiends like the Yule Lads. Since then they’ve started to behave a little better and have now started to look like the regular Santa Clause. 

They still carry their characteristic names like Sheep-Cote Clod, Window Peeper and Door Sniffer (I’m not making this up!). They are much nicer to the children now and to make up for the centuries long tyranny, have started to put little gifts in their shoes in stead of stealing and pestering. Children now put their — often muddy — shoes on the windowsill and wait for little tokens, to ease the suspense for Christmas Eve. 

The nights are long up north so we moved the whole celebration of Christmas to Christmas Eve, but we do everything somewhat in reverse and only start the festivities when the clocks strike 18. By then everyone has had a christmas bath — thankfully we have unlimited access to warm water and don’t have to rely on boilers! We dress up in at least one item of new clothing or Grýla’s pet the Yule Cat comes by and eats you!

Then we hurriedly eat the food we’ve spent the whole day preparing, hoping the electricity doesn’t go out as every single stove in Iceland is turned on at that exact moment. The biggest difference I find is the desert. We don’t have anything close to a Christmas pudding, I grew up with canned fruit cocktail, ice cream and a slap of whipped cream! A national favourite! 

After eating all the food we open the presents, my personal favourite part of the day! By late evening you can usually find us curled up on the sofa reading the many books normally found under our own carefully picked and cut tree! Books are such a popular item during the holidays it’s called “Jólabókaflóð” or Christmas Book Flood. New books are almost only published during this season.

Eat or be eaten seems to the common theme with Icelandic Christmas traditions. I know I like to play it safe and always make sure we all get something new!

Gleðileg Jól!


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Zezuzulla is a fresh, fast developing brand from Poland that we really Love!
Their motto is:
Fair work, fair pay, fair trade, fair play...
You can't say fairer than that!...
Devoted to giving the best garments possible, all made from snuggly certified fabrics with great designs and simple Scandi style prints...
We hope you’ll like their ideas and clothes! (We Do!)...

(Click on the images)...

Leonie x