Brand spotlight Zezuzulla

"Fair work, fair play, fair trade, fair play"

A great motto from one of our Favourite Brands originating from Poland...
We asked Krystian from Zezuzulla a few questions about their amazing brand....

Why did you start the company?

We started a company soon after the Julo, our beloved son, was born. We were looking for ideal clothes for him and didn't find any, so we've had to make them ourselves :). Emilia was a pretty popular blogging-mum in that time and when she showed her work to the people, she received so strong, positive feedback, that she decided to start Zezuzulla. And then, on 12.12.12. it all began...

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nature, childhood and freedom are the greatest inspirations for us. We don't look on what other's do, just focus on ourselves. We value the practical side of the clothes - we don't want our stuff just to look cool, but we want the little people inside the clothes to feel comfortable (AND cool) in it. Our lives are focused pretty much on Julo, so he always tests all items and is our toughest critic. And I guess, it makes Julo our main inspiration... :)

What's your favourite print?

Working on each and every print is a great fun! Sometimes we like to wear it corresponding to the certain humour the Julo seems to have that day. We love when Julo choses which one he likes to wear today. He sometimes mix it quite spectacularly! :)

What are your plans for the brand for the future?

We love the business model we have for now. We fit Zezuzulla to work well with our family and not get over it. Keeping things much under our control. We don't aim to have business representatives everywhere, we want to prosper slowly, not rush anything. Let people see and feel that our things are truly made out of love. Of course, we want to rule the world someday ;), but don't want Zezuzulla to be just a money-maker. It's a part of our family, and we want to keep it that way.

What's your favourite activity with your son?

We love to enter Julo's world, let him in charge of things. And, yeah, the little guy likes it too ;). He makes awesome stories out of nothing. He loves to draw - we often play a double-draw game - he draws something, then the adult draws another thing, everything pretty random. After the doing is ready, we together make up a story for it. It becomes not only a piece of art ;), but an unique, and often pretty funny, tale that we actually created together.

If you haven't seen Zezuzulla's new S/S collection then check it out here 

We really do love Zezuzulla over at Skellywear.com (hope you do too?) the quality really is outstanding and the prints are just gorgeous and quite unique and unisex too...

Looking forward to the next collection...

Leonie x

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