iPads, Survivors and Wallee's

Decadent I know but we have a pair of iPad Mini's in the family... (Along with a fair few iPhones, Mac Mini, a pair of MacBook Air 11"s... but that's a whole different post...) the "Family" iPad Mini (tho in the eyes of the Boy - It's his...) a 16g white Wifi only is protected to the hilt with a Griffin Survivor Case -
plain black and now sporting an array of mini stickers on the back of it...

Possibly not the most kid friendly looking one out there, but I figure I've spent a few hundred quid on the iPad and want it to last so may as well have the one thats used by the military and is as good as indestructible… plus boy seems to be able to hold it easier and I can stop having heart attacks when it slides off the sofa or gets used as a teething toy by the 18 month old... Or during those hulk smash frustrated mini toddler wig outs...

..."Daddies" iPad mini a 32g Black Wifi/Cellular (on Vodafone) is incased in a Wallee Case with a Wallee Pro bumper

…We love the Wallee range… We have 2 Wall Mount Disks in the garden (One at Adult height and one at toddler height), 1 in the kitchen for Music, Browsing and Recipes, also a Pivot that wanders round the house... Design cues from the iMac here!
The X on the back of the case.

only downside to this is that the boy now wants a X on the back of his iPad and as such I'm now trying to work out ways to build one into his survivor!

(Ps if you want to buy a Wallee case use this link for a 5% discount ..You're welcome!)

This is the first of my Tech/Geek/Apple posts hope you enjoy it?
I'll be posting about the Apps we use and how we organise/integrate and entertain with our tech at home and whilst out and about...any questions about any of it?...ask away!


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